A Friendly Warning From Mahesh To Naresh


Mahesh Babu is known for being reserved on sets and off the sets too. He opens up only with few people who are close to him and whom he likes.

So, for every actor, he works with, we can assume that they will be definitely asked one question, that is, “How Mahesh Babu behaves on sets?”

Allari Naresh, who is working with him in Maharishi had an interesting answer to it.

He said, ” It is a wrong notion to say that he is an introvert. He is jovial and very smart. You can’t imagine how he will crack you up but he has an high sense of humour.

Working with him is a learning experience to me. My character in the film is very important like Gaali Seenu in Gamyam. In that film, even though I am not the hero, the emotion made it memorable.

Here too there is good emotion to my character. I have worked with Mahesh for 45 days and still have to work for about 100 days. We will again start shooting together in October.

More than this, I can’t reveal anything as Mahesh warned me not too,” laughed out loud, Naresh. His latest comedy movie, Silly Fellows with Sunil, is releasing on 7th September.