A Hot Discussion: Rape Of Avantika


Tamanna-Tattoo-SongA column written by one noted journalist named Anna MM Vetticad in a national wide popular newspaper has now led to online furore. With fans taking both the sides, no doubt this rendering of a so-called romantic act as a rape has led to accusations, cuss words and insults. For starters, Avantika is the character played by milky beauty Tamanna in Rajamouli’s “Baahubali” and here goes what is happening.

Apparently the author questioned, how come a guy (Sivudu) who is teasing a girl (Avantika) when she’s fighting back with a sword, will strip off her dress, expose her skin to the whole world, and then she falls flat for him and sleeps with him between the sheets. In the movie, we could notice this sequence, where Prabhas skilfully cuts pieces of Tamanna’s dress to expose her feminine curves and then she falls for him. The author also questioned if we allow someone to enter our daughter’s bed room and paint a tattoo on her body? Is it not invading the privacy of a woman and playing with her body? After forceful stripping of her dress, Sivudu then having sex with Avantika character is nothing less than a rape, the author said.

Supporting this journalist, many others voiced their opinion in her favor, saying that domination, insult and forced sex is what the scene could be termed as. While the lovers of “Baahubali” called it as an act of romance, hardcore feminists are asking if we agree someone does the same to our sisters and daughters. Also they are finding fault as Rajamouli portrayed Tamanna’s scene like taming a beast. We have to see if our director or his team ever answers that.