A Lip Kiss Shunted Out Nitya Menon


nitya-menonNever in her career, heroine Nitya Menon went glamorous for silver screen or did something so ‘hot’ for the sake of her role. Though always she gets into the character’s skin deeply, never she indulged in glamorous side of a character.

Grapevine has that his talented actress was shunted out a top Telugu hero’s movie for the fact that she refused to kiss on screen. When she’s not ready for a bit of skin show even, how come this hero and his director expected to churn out a lip kiss from her is the biggest question. Anyway, gossip mongers stated that the hero and director are picking up a new heroine each day for one particular role where they want the girl to lock lips with the protagonist.

While producer has already okayed one top starlet and another Mumbai lady for heroine roles, this hero and director are said to be showing stars to him together. After all this is a hero-dominated industry folks.