A Questionnaire That Made Sri Reddy Walk Out


From the last couple of days, actress Sri Reddy is busy claiming that many in Telugu Film Industry have exploited her big time on the bed but none actually gave her an offer. Until National Media arrived on the scene, no one dared to question back the actress about the authenticity of her claims. But now, situations changed.

Other day Sri Reddy told CNN News18 that Suresh Babu’s son used her badly and exploited her at Ramanaidu Studio premises itself. But before saying that she released some selfies she got clicked with Abhiram Daggubati and that has blown all the lids now. However, the pictures look like two lovers posing closely for the pictures, but not like someone really exploiting. And now, Andhra based TV channel has come up with a set of questions that irked Sri Reddy big time.

Their questionnaire is here:

-Why didn’t Sri Reddy filed a police complaint rather doing a strip-protest at MAA office?

-Why depending on media trials by TV Channel debates and YouTube channels rather depending on law enforcement agencies?

-When you did a strip-protest at MAA, you said that it is regarding you not getting membership in the association. But now you say that you’re fighting for Telugu girls. Why so much inconsistency in your claims each day?

-With both of you (Sri Reddy and Abhiram) smiling at cameras in the selfies, are they not consensual things?

-Going by those pictures, maybe you two are in love and now broke up? Isn’t it?

-All those chats you leaked have shown that they are asking you come out but haven’t sounded like forcing you to come for sex. What do you say about them?

-When you’re provoking people through your interviews, where you asked the interviewer, “Are you not getting mood by looking at me?”, what message you’re delivering?

-In all those pictures, they haven’t come to Sri Reddy’s place but she went there. So why did you met so many men and posed in such close way, touching your cheeks with them?

-If they forced you for sex that is a crime, but if you provoked them for sex, then that will not be a legally strong case. Do you know that?

Guess what, the actress has no answers for this but she stated that her fight is equal to Separate Telangana Movement. In the end, she said, “If journalists try to dominate me this way, I’ll cut the call”, and walked out from the debate.