A Story Behind Kanche Music Fall


kanche-audioFor every song to get maximum public attention, the main source of publicity are TVs and radios. While TV channels promote teasers only for money, these FM Radios promote music by paying money in reverse to the producers (or music company that owns the audio). Here is a small case study of Mega movie “Kanche”, whose songs are now not audible on these FM stations.

Apart from the song “Itu itu ani chitikelu” scored by composer Chirantan Bhatt, all other songs in the album are either not so playable on radio kind of songs or purely story based songs. But still the whole of “Kanche” album got promoted almost on all radio stations, only due to the respect most RJs and Radio station content managers have on  Generally radio stations promote easily hummable and mass-pleasing songs like a Srimanthudu or Bruce Lee now. Because they want general and easy connect for songs that go on air repeatedly. Still, Kanche got maximum exposure and the release date change has beaten them miserably.

After the release date is shifted to November, there is no where “Kanche” songs could be heard repetitively. No doubt these FM stations will start airing the presently trending movies and pull back others. That way “Kanche” got the first punch. So any director and producer should also keep these free publicity oriented stuff in mind before making changes to release dates. Or a fix a release date properly and make an announcement.