A Terrific Moment: Pawan Kisses Charan, Calls Him Brother


In what could be the best ever moment that took place on a public stage a film event, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan did something that is unexpected of him. Showcasing his true love for his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan, the actor stunned everyone.

“Charan is like my little brother. His sisters are also my sisters. My brother (Chiru) is my father and my vadina is like my mother to me” said Pawan Kalyan, taking to the stage at Rangasthalam success event and then did this.

“I never call him vaadu and veedu, but now I feel him like my brother and I’m calling him that way,” he said, and then simply grabbed Charan and kissed him on the cheek. Adding his reaction to this, even a humble and lovely Ram Charan kissed back on Baabai’s cheek with immense love, affection and respect. Definitely, that is a terrific moment not just for mega fans, but many out there who love to see a burst of emotions between relatives.

Giving a lengthy appreciation note about Ram Charan’s performance, Pawan went on calling him as a complete actor. “No matter how he’s raised and what his stature is, Ram Charan always stays grounded in real life. And he reflected the same in his Rangasthalam character too. That’s the reason it turned so well. He’s a complete actor and soon whole of India will feel proud of him” stated Pawan.

Is Pawan Kalyan indirectly hinting that Charan is his successor in films until his son Akira takes to acting? Some felt so!!