Aaha kalyanam Live Updates – First Day First Show



Aaha kalyanam Live Updates – First Day First Show

 ఆహా కళ్యాణం ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ

…….The END…….

12:46am : To break her engagement, Shruthi calls siddharth and tells the points. But Shakthi understands the issue and accepts his love and break her engagement.

12:34am : Sruthi shocks Shakthi with her engagement thing. That’s when Nani starts realizing the fact that he is loosing her & starts feeling her love.

12:23am : The developments and fact edits spoils scene transitions in a Smooth way. The scenes are moving at slow pace…

12:20am : The Punch Dialogues song is interesting. Shot in grand way, but choreography is not upto the standard.

12:16am : Things between Shruthi Shakthi start getting better and team up for that last big wedding..

12:08am : In the meantime Anand a big entrepreneur calls both and asks them to team up for her daughter (Priya’s) Marriage..

12:00am : Shruthi – Shakthi get seperated at a peak stage of their carieer. They both start two different companies (Happy Wedding – Ghetti Mellam) but fail to reach Ghetti Mellam mark..

11:50am : Finance ni Romance ni kalapakudadhu, that’s how both start realising Session (Romantic Time) was the wrong thing happened between them. Things are getting slower.

11:40am : Post Interval relationship start to get weaker between Shruthi and Shakthi. Urumu Mundu melody song is good, shot quite neatly…


11:20am : Getting into top league with this marriag, Both get into a romantic relationship. INTERVAL…

11:11am : Time to go a level ahead, that’s show Shruthi and Shakthi deal with a big shot wedding deal…

11:07am : With Honey ye Honey bgm Shruthi Shakthi develop their Gatti Mellam business from Middle class marriages to good level marriages…

11:03am : No One Dancing here is nicely choreographed song, visual are same as Band Baaja Baarat.

10:58am : Saying Pelli Meedi Tension Maadi Shruthi plans a middle budget wedding to start her wedding company…

10:55am : Due to some problems in the wedding plans Chandralekha makes Shruthi responsible taking this as situation Shruthi Shakthi team up to start Gatti Mellam..

10:50am : Shruthi plans to enter in the company of Chandralekha (Simran) to get experienced in the wedding planner business.

10:47am : Finance ni Romance ni kalluputhe workout avvuddha : Sruthi.

10:43am : To get over the complications Shiva asks for Partnership introduction Gatti Mellam (Wedding Planning Company) but Shruthi accepts him with few litigations..

10:38am : Post Shiva’s graduation to skip his father farming idea and leaving to village Shiva elaborates Shruthi’s business idea to skip his father Pressure..

10:30am : Shruthi explains about her business plan of Wedding Planner to Shiva, but being busy flirting wih her he leaves taking the plan seriously..

10:26am : Shakthi (Nani) gets attracted to Shruthi (Vaani) in the Sangeeth Party. Starts following her with the up to date details about her.

10:22am : Shakthi (Nani) meets with Vaani Kapoor in a Sangeeth Party hosted by her Event Company. Here Starts one more Song to Make Sangeeth Special Mike Testing 123. Vaani is Looking pretty in the song.

10:16am : Welcome to our Band Baaja Baarat remake Aaha Kalyanam movie Movie.Character introduction of Nani and Vani Kapoor with Savari Savari Song.

10:10am : Hi Telugu Movie Lovers & TeluguNow.com readers, Good Morning, welcome to Live Updates of Aaha Kalyanam movie.