Actor Almost Died While Performing A Suicide Scene


Raghava-suicide-sceneTamil films are always appreciated for their realistic content and performances. However, some amateur actors fail to understand the thin line between realistic and natural acting and often go overboard in films. In a shocking incident that happened on location of a Tamil film titled Settaikaranga, a young actor nearly lost his life while performing in a suicide scene.

As per the revelations of the film’s unit, actor Raghava was performing in a suicide scene in which he hangs himself with a rope. Usually, such risky scenes are executed with expert supervision or stunt dupes. However, Raghava assured his unit members and decided to perform the scene all by himself and tied the rope around his neck.

As the camera rolled, Raghava started to struggle for breathing as the noose was tightened and was lashing his legs in air. Unaware of the danger, the unit members thought that Raghava performed brilliantly and started clapping after the shot was over. However, they quickly realized that the actor was stuck for real and the film’s hero quickly cut the noose. The danger was averted within a few seconds and Raghava was rushed to a hospital, where he recuperated and returned to shoot within 2 days.