Mani Ratnam Wikipedia


mani-ratnam-bdayLegendary director Mani Ratnam is celebrating his 60th birthday on June 2nd 2015. We at wish Maniratnam a very happy birthday.

He was born on June 2nd, 1956. His amazing storylines, sensitive characterizations, breath-taking cinematography have been the trademarks of all his movies. He brought a change in the filmmaking through his movies.

Mani Ratnam made his directorial debut with a Kannada movie ‘Pallavi Anu Pallavi’ in 1983. But, he tasted the success and received critical acclaim with the film ‘Mouna Raagam’ in 1986.  He directed films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and in many more languages.

Not only the audiences but also the celebrities likes his style of filmmaking. He won several National Film Awards, Film fare Awards and International film awards for his excellence in the field of direction and screenwriting. His films include Idaya Kovil, Bombay, Aasai, Nayagan, Unaru, Ayutha Ezhuthu, Ok Kanmani, Kadal etc.

Have many more Birthdays filled with Peace and Prosperity Mani Ratnam Garu!