Actor Sivaji Fires On State Bifurcation


Though the film industry has maintaining super silent on state bifurcation issue, some actors like Suresh and Sivaji has expressed their anguish, frustration and concerns through social media.

Young Hero Shivaji came up with expressing his views on state bifurcation .In his emotional speech, Sivaji said he doesn’t want to go into merits and demerits of Telangana. Extending gratitude to Telangana, he expressed his solidarity to Seemandhra region as Centre gave a raw-deal to it. Sivaji says Kiran Kumar knew about the bifurcation before hand and he was part of the game.

He mainly addressed the issues faced by students and farmers in Seemandhra region. He blamed Kiran Kumar Reddy saying that he did not even make efforts to keep the state united, other than verbally. He said, KKR simply cheated Seema Andhra people by saying I have the last ball and I can stop the bifurcation.He also showered praises on TRS chief KCR and other Telangana leaders

“Hats off to KCR and all leaders of Telangana who put heart and soul for achieving their peoples dream  . Seemandhra leaders should learn from KCR and other T-leaders.

Everyone should appreciate these heroes for speaking their heart out irrespective of the region they belong to.

Watch Sivaji Speaking On Seemandhra Issues After Bifurcation…