Actor Vishal says he does what an MLA has to do


vishalVishal is one of the most wanted actors in Kollywood. He consistently keeps him in the hunt by acting in movies, starting his own production company and by doing various good deeds.

He always keeps himself in lime light. Earlier Vijayakanth started to act in movies and also became Nadigar Sangam leader. Later Sarathkumar filled shoes of Vijayakanth when he walked out and started his own political party.

Now Vishal has started to do the same. He is opposing Sarathkumar for Nadigar sangam elections. When he was buzzed with the question, is he doing these for political motives, he said,

“I am just doing this for my heart. One need not be a politician to do welfare activities. I am an actor and that’s more than enough for me to do good deeds. Right now I am doing all good deeds which an MLA should do.”