Actors and Political leaders comments on Pawan Kalyan Jana sena party


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Hyderabad: Power star Pawan Kalyan, who is all set to launch his party, Jana Sena, on Friday, may have the support of his fans, but he should count on getting the support of his colleagues from the industry.

After being advised against joining politics by directors Tammareddy Bharadwaja and Jayanth C. Paranjee, Pawan has lost out on Machu Lakshmi as well.

Lakshmi on Friday said that she supported those who did good work, and that she wished the best for Pawan. But she added that no one from her family will contest from Pawan’s party.  She also pointed out that if she does contest she will make it public.

Here’s what others had to say about Pawan’s political debut.

Pawan is starting a new party very late: Jayasudha

Congress MLA Jayasudha on Thursday said that Power star Pawan Kalyan is floating a new political party a bit too late. She added that had Pawan floated a new party when his brother Chiranjeevi merged Praja Rajyam with Congress, it would have been better.

Posani welcomes Pawan’s party, but will not join it
Telugu actor and politician Posani Krishna Murali, on Friday said that he welcomed Pawan’s new party, Jana Sena. However he also added that his vote will  goes to the right politician.

“There is nothing new in new parties coming.  Anyone can float a party in democracy. But we will vote for the better politician. Officially, I joined PRP because I like Chiranjeevi, and I have seen him closely for 22 years. He gave me a MLA ticket without asking for a single rupee. But his party is no more now ,” he said. He also ruled out joining Pawan’s party.

We are with Chiranjeevi: Naga Babu
Nagababu said that he will always support Chiranjeevi. “It was Chiranjeevi who laid out a red carpet for us. The name and fame we enjoy, is because of him. Chiranjeevi brought recognition to the family and his fans. All of us, me, Kalyan, Charan, Bunny and Aravindgaru owe a lot to Chiranjeevi.  All fans of Chiranjeevi and myself will remain with him. We are with you Annayya!.”

Ram Charan responds on Pawan’s entry in politics

Ram Charan, son of Union Minister of State for Tourism, Chiranjeevi,said that he will is in no way associated with Pawan’s political activity.

Ram Charan said that every one had their own ways and they need not coincide. He hinted that his support would be only for his father and not to Pawan Kalyan. “I have little knowledge about politics. That’s why I can’t comment much,” said Ram.

The statement of Ram Charan clearly explained the gap between Chiranjeevi and his younger brother Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan should apologise : Kavita
Telangana Jagruti President K.Kavita blasted Power Star Pawan Kalyan on Thursday. Kavita said, “His brother Chiranjeevi cheated the people with the slogan social justice by forming Praja Rajyam Party.”

“Chiranjeevi first took the slogan ‘social justice’ and changed his slogan to ‘Jai Samaikhyandhra’,” said Kavita. She demanded an immediate apology from Pawan for the faults of erstwhile Praja Rajyam Party. “Pawan should enter politics only after tendering an apology in the matter,” said Kavita.

New political parties are coming up like Sankranti Gangireddulu: KCR

TRS chief KCR on Friday sarcastically said that the political parties and people in the state were coming up like Sankranti Gangireddulu.

“I don’t watch a lot of movies, and I don’t follow gossip. I am not aware who is entering politics presently. I am told Chiranjeevi’s brother is coming. Chiranjeevi has closed his shop, and now younger brother Pawan is opening another shop for collections. We shouldn’t bother ourselves with these issues, and should not get cheated by them,” KCR quipped.