Actress Anjali’s Speaks to Media after return


Actress-Anjalis-Speech-to-Media-after-return-Actress Anjali who has disappeared on Monday suddenly reappeared on Friday.She appeared before Sudhir Babu, DCP of the West Zone late on Friday night.

Police made elaborate security arrangements when they were informed that she would be presenting himself before the DCP. Media crew and press correspondents also came to the Jubilee Hills police station in large numbers, expecting to hear her version.

Media persons noticed Anjali coming in an Innova car, reportedly from Bengaluru. There was another person with her.

It may be recalled that Anjali’s brother Ravi Sankar tried to withdraw his missing complaint from the police, on her advise. However DCP Sudhir Babu told him that the complaint could not be withdrawn, unless she came in person and requested for the withdrawal. Following this stand of the police, Anjali presented herself before the police.

Talking to the media after Sudhir Babu questioned her for over a hour, Anjali said she explained the reasons for her disappearance. She said she would be participating in shootings again from Sunday. She thanked the media for standing by her. She said she was not kidnapped. Stating that she was very tired, Anjali said she would come before the media once again and explain everything. She explained that she went into hiding only to get relief from the stress she was facing.

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