This Actress Faced Sexual Assault at SIX!


Bollywood veteran actress Daisy Irani disclosed she faced sexual assault at the age of six while she was filming for ‘Hum Panchhi Ek Dal Ke’ (1957). ‘My Guardian Nazar accompanied Me to the shoot. He violated Me in the hotel room one night, beaten me with a belt and threatened to kill if I reveal about it to anyone. That Man is no more alive. He was a relative of renowned singer Zohrabai Ambalewaali,’ she told.

The Veteran further added, ‘My Mother wanted to make me a star. My debut happened with Marathi Film. Though I recall the incident only in flashes, I could feel the pain and still have memory of the visual of him beating Me with belt. The next morning, I took part in the shoot as if nothing happened. It took me many years to reveal what happened to My Mother’.

At the age of 15, Daisy had another experience related to sexual assault. ‘My Mom made me wear a sari, padded me up with a sponge and left alone with Producer Mallikchand Kochar who was then planning a new film ‘Mere Huzoor’. He began touching me inappropriately on sofa. Then, I took out the sponge and offered it to him. He was furious. I did so because I have always seen the funnier side of things,’ told the Actress.

Daisy Irani was known for her roles as child artist in films such as ‘Bandish’, ‘Dhool Ka Phool’ and ‘Ek Hi Raasta’. She was last seen in Shahrukh Khan-starrer ‘Happy New Year’. She is the maternal aunt of Director-turned-Actor Farhan Akhtar and her sister-filmmaker Zoya Akhtar.