Actress Kasturi Fires on Netizen for Comments on Item Song


Senior heroine Kasthuri is popular across the South and she went on to act in several super hit films. She acted in films like ‘Nippu Ravva’, ‘Soggadi Pellam’ ‘Maa Aayana Bangaram’.. ‘Annamayya’. She has recently played mother role in ‘Samanthakamani’. She has recently grabbed the limelight with her strong reply to a netizen.

Going into the details, Kasthuri recently sizzled in an item number in ‘Tamil Padam 2.0’. A netizen questioned Kasthuri on Twitter that “Is it right to do an item dance after being a responsible mother???” The question didn’t go down well with the actress and shot back at him “This is the typical ‘Tamil’ mindset that I am hellbent on changing. That looking sexy is opposite of brainy, or motherly, or virtuous. Do we ever ask a male actor why he acts in drinking scenes/ dances in sexy songs/romance sequences after having kids?”

She also added that her kid also attended the shoot and she is doing nothing wrong to be ashamed of. She said Bollywood respects their women and celebrates their sex appeal by posting the pics of Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. What she is saying is true.. can we ask the same question to male stars who are dancing around the bushes with heroines at the age of 60?