Actress Kavitha Lakshmi’s Video Goes Viral As She Sells Dosas For Her Living (Watch Video)


What’s the best way to overcome hard times? Working harder than ever! Meet Kavitha Lakshmi, a television actress and a street food vendor, courageously working her way out of debts by running a roadside eatery, as per a report.

Here’s a video posted by one of Kavitha’s fans which caught a lot of attention:

 The hardworking woman played the role of Shanta in a popular sitcom by the name of Sthreedhanam. How is it that fate turned the other way around for this popular actress?

Well, Kavitha told that she’s a single mom of two- a boy and a girl. When she visited a travel agency for her daughter’s admission abroad, the agency suggested her to send her son to UK as he would be earning 10 pounds an hour during part time jobs and will also be admitted in a four-year course. Looking at the prospects, Kavitha sent her son to UK and paid 1 lakh a month as fee to the agency.

However, the trip didn’t go as planned. Her son couldn’t earn much from the odd jobs over there and Kavitha had to pay the annual course fee in a period of six months. To cope with the financial crisis, Kavitha opened a granite showroom but that too had to be shut down.

Currently, she says that she has two serials by God’s grace.

The actress runs an eatery close to NIMS hospital in Neyyattinkara.