Actress lands in prostitution as offers dry up


Actress-lands-in-prostitutiMany young models are lured to industry for many reasons. Name and fame and money notwithstanding there is something that is exciting in the industry for celebrities.

However, not many really are lucky to shine and pass test of the time. Some will be restricted to few roles and hence making them wait for a chance in order to prove their worth.

Some on the other hand take short cuts or other routes to ruin the chances they have. So many models and small time actress were caught in sex scandals.

Latest a director said that a lesser known actress charges about 4 to 5 lakhs per client per night. She is a familiar face in the industry and did roles of main lead’s sister and sometimes friend of female leads. In the recent times offers dried up and hence she took to prostitution. She may be making more money but her image has hit rock bottom!