Actress Parineeti Chopra looks HOT without makeup


Waking up early in morning is a hard task for anyone and even our sexy Bollywood actress Parineeti is also not an exception.Recently the actress posted her image sans makeup and she appeared with grumpy face for having to wake up early.

“Even my sweatshirt is telling me to cheer up. Dear sweatshirt, do you realise how early in the morning it is?? #Grumpy #MorningPersonNOT,” Parineeti tweetedParineeti In the pic above, one can notice that Parineeti  lost her bubbly charm but she haven’t lost that vigour as an sex bomb.Not only for funny pics Parineeti is famous for bold statements.Recently Parineeti Chopra claims that she knows how to control her sexual thoughts. Earlier was rumoured that this busty beauty is dating a Dubai-based businessman.