This Actress Replacing Hema Aunty’s Place


Shailaja-PriyaEspecially in Telugu films, there are certain roles that look good and sound interesting when some actresses play it. Whether it is a funny character or a slapstick comedy kind of one, actress Hema proved her versatility in such roles.

After she started playing roles of Brahmi and MS Narayana’s wife in various movies and as ‘pinni’ to heroines in some films, she got popularised as Hema Aunty though she gets irritated when someone calls her aunty. It looks like she is now losing her place to another actress.

Debuting as an anchor and also TV serial ‘Priyasakhi’ lead actress Shailaja Priya soon became popular in TV circuits. And then she acted in many films which some would have noticed. But after she played Richa Gangopadhyaya’s mother in “Mirchi” movie, she got immense fame and since then she’s busy essaying such roles.

Even in the upcoming “Jai Simha” also, she has a meaty comedy role where she shares the screen with Brahmanandam. We hear that her role is going to be a laugh riot. At the same time, movie lovers are feeling that she is replacing the likes of Hema and Surekha Vani on Telugu screen.