Actress’ Rude Comments on Rajini’s Political Entry


Rajinikanth-and-KasturiYesteryear actress Kasturi, who was recently all over the news for allegedly opening up about a Tollywood hero, who forced her out of films when she refused to surrender to his sexual demands, has now made it to headlines by making some objectionable comments against Superstar Rajinikanth.

Expressing her opinion on the qualities a current age politician must possess, Kasturi said that a good politician should have the power to take immediate decisions even during unexpected situations. Without taking the name of Rajinikanth, she then raised her doubts about an aspiring politician’s leadership ability who thinks for years to whether come into politics or not.

“Can someone who cannot decide for decades make up their own mind be a decisive leader?” she tweeted.

She even attached the hashtag #nobattlecriesplease to her tweet, a dig at Rajini’s statement of asking his fans to be ready for the upcoming battle.