Actress Sarita files complaint on husband


actress-sarithaYesteryear actress Sarita, who shone in heroine oriented roles or negative roles with the same ease files a complaint on her husband, Mukesh Madhavan, who is also an actor cum producer.

The Balachandar and Bharatirjaja’s favorite actress was last seen in Telugu in Mahesh Babu’s Arjun movie where she played a vamp role has released a press not explaining to public that she cheated by her husband. The following is the note she has released:

“Respected friends from the Press and media, It is with immense pain and shock that I am giving this press release. I am in Dubai along with my son Shravan Mukesh who is pursuing medicine course here. Myself and actor Mukesh Madhavan got married on 02.09.1988 in Kerala. But it came as a rude shock to me when I came to know from the press and media news that my husband has illegally married Methil Devika day before yesterday in Kerala.

Without getting our marriage legally dissolved, my husband has married the said Methil. I am taking care of both my sons Shravan Mukesh who is 24 years old and Tejas mukesh who is 20 years old who were born out of our wedlock. I did not receive any court notice for divorce case initiated by Mukesh to dissolve our marriage. After marriage, Mukesh did not allow me to act even in decent effective roles in movies due to which I lost many good opportunities.

Also Mukesh treated me with cruelty and caused enormous physical and mental agony by his indecent and irresponsible behaviour and was also an alcoholic.This had an adverse impact on our children and thus in the year 2007 I applied for divorce under Sec. 13(1) and 13(i-a) of the Hindu Marriage Act before the Family Court at Chennai seeking for dissolution of our marriage and for alimony.

However, Mukesh refused to dissolve the marriage and also contested the matter in the court. Later Mukesh himself pleaded to me for a divorce on mutual consent. Being unable to endure the constant suffering and untold torcher meted out by Mukesh against me and our children, I agreed for the same without asking for any alimony. Thus a divorce on mutual consent was filed by us before the family court in Chennai in the year 2009.

However Mukesh did not appear in the Court for many hearings whereas I traveled down from abroad each time for the court hearings. Later due to his consistent absence, the divorce petition on mutual basis was withdrawn by me in the year 2010. Thereafter Mukesh has not sent me any notice or petition for divorce.

Taking advantage of my absence in India and without dissolving our marriage legally, Mukesh has committed an illegal act of bigamy by marrying another women and as such I am taking all steps both before the civil and criminal forums to take necessary action against Mukesh.

Mrs. Saritha Mukesh

Stars, and we always thought they enjoy life every moment. And as Sarita had had portrayed in the many roles that she impressed us with, we can see she has been experiencing all the movie struggles that we saw on the screen, in her life. And the actress has been sailing many of these as she in many of her roles did. We wish she comes out successful in her life too. Moral of this story – never judge the life of an actress without being in her shoes or by her makeup and smiles!