Actress Sreejita De attacked on Western Express highway


Actress-Sreejita-De-attackeActress Sreejita De and her cousin were robbed on the Western Express Highway, near Dahisar, on Friday night. The two had met for dinner at a dhaba close to the highway and were returning to Sreejita’s Mira Road home when the attackers struck.

Says she, “It was around 12.30 am and we were travelling in an autorickshaw. Suddenly, a car stopped right in front of us and three men stepped out. They slapped our driver and attacked my cousin. While one man snatched her phone, the other two attacked me. I tried to push them away and even slapped one of them, but they took away my phone as well.”

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The night’s horror did not end for the two girls, who had to witness police apathy as well. The actress recalls, “A while after this incident happened, I saw a police van passing by and stopped it. But they asked us to approach the police of the area, where the robbery had taken place. So, we rushed to Dahisar Police Station to file a complaint. I tracked my phone till 6.30 am and kept informing the police about the phones’ location, but the cops couldn’t do much. They probably felt it wasn’t a big deal as only our phones had been stolen!”