Adah Sharma’s Glamour Dance Video on Social Media gives instant tease!


It has become common for Bollywood actresses to make news by posting obscene, vulgar, nude/semi-nude videos to create sensation and get limelight as done by actresses like Poonam Pandey. Currently, this vulgar video posting culture has spread to Tollywood as well, as recently actress Adah Sharma did the same.

Adah Sharma played the heroine in few Telugu films like Heart Attack and also in Kannada films like Ranavikrama, besides appearing in a song in Idhu Namma Aalu in Tamil and also making her Bollywood entry with films like Commando. A leading Tamil daily has called Adah has released the ‘VULGAR’ video and gets criticized.

Recently she posted a video of her performance and practice for a Bollywood awards event, and in this video, she encounters wardrobe malfunction, exposing her curvy assets more than required. While she thought this sexy video will receive a good response, she has been criticised by Twitter users heavily. Check the video below,

Since u guys give me sooo much love everytime I put out dance videos here’s another one❣️I haven’t got a chance to watch #tigerzindahai yet.But I love this song and it’s stuck in my head
I learned this choreography frm a @Mihranlive video on a flight and put it on this song 🙃

— Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) December 24, 2017