‘Adult’ Certificate Issued for Baahubali 2


Baahubali_PG_760x400SS Rajamouli’s mythological epic film “Baahubali 2” which is smashing box office records across the world, will find a severely limited audiences in Singapore, courtesy the ‘NC16’ certification the film received from the censor board there.

The Singapore censor board has granted NC16 certificate to Baahubali 2, which means the film is branded unsuitable for viewership for people under the age of 16. The reason for the NC16 certification is the members of censor board finding Baahubali 2 too violent. The visuals of soldiers getting beheaded in war scenes are cited excessively gruesome by the censor board members.

This will most probably result in family audiences staying away from the film as they can’t take their children to watch the film. Meanwhile, the impressive run of Baahubali 2 continues even in its third week. On third Monday, the Prabhas starrer raked in more moolah than the new releases.