After Bruce Lee, Upasana Needs A Holiday


Upasana-and-ramIn order to make it to the Dasara holiday release, Ram Charan and the entire Bruce Lee team worked extra shifts until the wee hours to complete the film before time. Charan, who played a stuntman in the film, even suffered several injuries and the entire shooting process was quite tiresome for him and his wife Upasana, who could not spend quality time with Charan during the shoot.

Speaking to a national media house, Charan said that he has been thinking about a long holiday along with his wife, who was equally tired as she too was present on the sets of Bruce Lee all through the shoot. “Not  just me even my wife Upasana needs a holiday too,” says Charan. However, Charan did not disclose the location of their holiday.

Charan also said that he is cherishing Bruce Lee’s success and that fans have loved his comedy, which he tried out in a large scale for the first time. Cherry also said that he is game for more coedy roles in his future projects. As per the reports, Charan is expected to work on Gautham Menon’s project and Thani Oruvan’s remake in Surender Reddy’s direction simultaneously.