After Chiru, Its NTR!


Chiranjeevi-and-NTRInteracting and mingling with ‘Media’ is something that even stars need. Media plays a key role in building ‘image’ of actors, and people generally rely on media reports to know about their favorite actors’ off-screen activities.

Among the senior heroes, Megastar Chiranjeevi has the special knack of being in good books of media. He used to use respect and caution whenever he interacts with media, and he used to meet them regularly. In the present generation heroes, only NTR has this trait, say media persons.

NTR has the ability and maturity of handling media people well. He refrains from going overboard and thus create controversies even when posed uncomfortable questions. He doesn’t skip queries either, giving no reason for media people to get annoyed with him. The latest interview of his where he was asked about Sr NTR’s biopic is the best example of how matured he has become in dealing with media.

In comparison, both Mahesh and Pawan stay very reserved during media interactions. Ram Charan and Prabhas barely meet media. If a star doesn’t interact with media, there will be nothing to write about him. Staying in news is very important in this age where success of films and personal image of actors depend on how well they are projected in media. Some stars on the other hand go overboard and make fools of themselves in media interactions.

All in all, NTR’s contemporaries has a lot to learn from him when it comes to dealing with media.