After Simharasi, Mahankali; He is Kalki


We have a very high level regards to our mythology and according to that Kalki is the most violent form of Vishnu after he has been Lord Venkateswara, a more pleasant God of virtues and Buddha Bhagawan, who talks about peace.

Whenever, Vishnu decides to become Kalki, that is said to be the end of Kaliyuga, where everything comes to an cruel end.

Well, after Balakrishna if there is any actor who is known for being aggressive on screen, then that is Dr. Rajasekhar.

For years, he has been having some personal ego clashes with fellow actors which resulted in his fame diminishing and also, his movies became disasters, coupling his troubles.

At a time, when every Telugu film lover forgot about him, he came back with Garuda Vega and understood that he needs to collaborate with young directors to make better films.

Now, he is coming as Kalki in the direction of Prashanth Verma, Awe director. The motion teaser released by team had the theme of the story that reflects mythology and it is said to be set in 80’s.

We are waiting to see him again deliver a good performance and a massive hit.