Agnyaathavaasi: Can Dil Raju Recover 30 Cr?


Dil-RajuPower Star Pawan Kalyan’s highly anticipated film ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ is hitting the screens on January 10 and the premiers will be screened on January 9.  Being the first release of the Sankranthi season, Pawan film will surely get a record number of screens.  Considering Power Star’s image, ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ can post huge numbers in the opening weekend.

If we talk only about Nizam area, Dil Raju acquired the distribution rights for whopping Rs.27 crores it is around Rs. 28.5 crores if we include GST.  The movie has to collect more than 30 crores share in the full run for reaching break-even stage.  So, the asking rate is very high for ‘Agnyaathavaasi’ even though it is releasing in the festival season.  Moreover, Hyderabad wears a deserted look during Sankranthi season as most of the Andhra population go to their native places.  So, it might show some impact on the collections of the film.

If the movie gets hit talk, Dil Raju will surely recover his investment.  Because we all know the box office stamina of Power Star.  On the other hand, Dil Raju will have his own strategy like screening premiers to cash on the hype.. hiking the ticket prices with the government permission etc.  Let us wait and see what happens.