Ahaana picks up the mic


Ahaana-picks-up-the-micThere has been a lot of ‘whispering’ happening on her Facebook page for the past few days. It is natural to assume that it would be the announcement of one of her upcoming films. Turns out that you thought wrong. Ahaana decided to put an end to the whisperings and announce the news from the rooftop — she has debuted as a singer by singing a song cover for the album Whispers and Whistles that features three songs — two Tamil and one Malayalam.

The wind connection

Coincidentally, the cover song she has sung and featured in is the song Katte Nee Veesharuthippol from the film Kattu Vannu Vilichappol that had her father Krishnakumar cast in the lead. The song is also picturised on him. Ahaana is no novice to singing and she laughingly recalls, “My parents pinned high hopes on all four of their kids and enrolled us in everything possible. We were put in singing and classical dance classes. Though we did not like going for those classes, I can happily state that they have helped me immensely now. I had a music teacher who used to come home and teach me.” Though Ahaana knew to sing, she never actively gave rein to that talent. “I always felt I had a very unconventional voice and not the conventionally sweet one that I felt was needed for a singer. But while in Chennai, my humming caught the ears of my friend who suggested that I give crooning a try. That encouraged me and adding to that was my mom who thought the world of my singing and good or bad, always appreciated it.”

The shooting of Whispers and Whistles happened a year back when, Ahaana jokes, she was sitting jobless at home. She had acted in a short movie Kari and got acquainted with some technicians and made friends with them. It was some of them who suggested the idea of Whispers … to her. Nimish Ravi who shot the video encouraged her to sing, which is how the song got recorded with the theme being wind. Incidentally, the album was planned as just two Tamil songs and it was Ahaana herself who suggested Kaate… because it too had the wind element in it. Ahaana ends by saying, “I wanted the cover song to come out after the release of Njandugallude Naattil Oridavela and the video will be out soon.”