Air India Shocks Rana Daggubati!


Rana-DaggubatiTollywood hunk and Bhallaladeva Rana Daggubati has faced a strange experience when he was travelling to Goa from Hyderabad on October 28th. Air India offered the same seat for two people, and it is a record scored by Air India. Later they adjusted the seat. This experience shared by the actor through his Twitter page.

Rana Tweeted – ‘Wow!! AIRINDIA just booked 2 people on the same seat !!’ And it’s a full flight !! And this how they change it on board!!!’.

Heroines Trisha and Taapsee reacted for Rana’s Tweet, and they replied like this.

‘@RanaDaggubati hahaha this is sooo funny. I thought ul sit with cabin crew n chat wit the ladies’, Trisha Tweeted

‘@RanaDaggubati wow! finally u get to sit on someone’s lap!!! Who would’ve imagined THAT!!’, Taapsee Tweeted.air-india-shocks-rana-daggubati