Ajith and Nayanthara complement each other


ajith-nayantharaAjith has done most of the risky stunts himself without a body double
Looks like the long wait for Ajith’s Arrambam (Beginning) is over for the millions of ardent fans of Thala. Or that is what the film’s director Vishnu-vardhan and producer A.M.

Ratnam assert when KT caught up with them recently. “The film has a huge cast including Ajith, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee, Rana Daggubati, Kishore, Atul Kulkarni, Suma Ranganath and in each schedule of shooting has at least five artistes in it. All of them are equally busy and to bring them all together was a time consuming process,” says Vishnu.

The movie is set in Mumbai and it is not a gangster film, he says. “Ajith and Arya are two individuals and there’s no relationship between them. The film which is a mass entertainer, also has undercurrents of a contemporary social issue.” Ask him like how Nayan stunned everyone in an unexpected bikini show in his earlier film Billa, Vishnu maintains that the ravishing girl has
more surprises in store in Arrambam. “Oh, I don’t mean in terms of glamour, but in terms of her performance. She has a strong character and even has few stunt sequences in the film,” he says.

Recalling how committed Ajith is, Vishnu says, “Ajith has done most of the risky stunts himself without a body double. He is excellent at handling mechanisms and he knows he can handle a stunt scene. For instance, he chose to do a car stunt and fractured his toe while shooting.

He was so engrossed in the scene that even without realising it; he still contin
ued shooting. Similarly, a boat chase was shot in Dubai. Despite rehearsing for a few days with speed boats, he suffered an injury .
But he continued shooting the chase scene.“ Ratnam has brought three biggies from different countries for risky stunts on board, namely Kaecha from Hollywood, Lee Whitekhar from Bangkok and Tinu Varma from Bollywood.

Both Ajith and Nayan complement each other and their chemistry is really good, he explains. Ask him about catfights between Nayan and Taapsee, he dismisses it as baseless rumours. “Both knew their portions very well even before we started the shooting. Where is the question of them fighting? They have equal importance in the film. Similarly, Arya and I share a great rapport and when I approached him with a script which had Ajith in the lead, he didn’t even raise any question and was more than happy to be part of the project.“

While Taapsee is paired opposite A r y a , Tollywood actor Rana appears in a guest role.

Y u v a n Shankar Raja, Vishnu’s lucky charm has com posed five peppy numbers. Plans are on to bring the audio to market by the end of the month.
The movie will most likely release in September in both Tamil and Telugu.

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