Ajith Turns UAB System Adviser For MIT Students!


Everybody knows about the simplicity of Tamil star hero Ajith Kumar. He never speaks about his film and his personal life. He does not attend the film functions and he never boasts about himself. Though Ajith is popular as an actor, many people do not know about his other talents. He never tries to expose his talents to the outside world. He is a professional bike racer and car racer. He is a pilot as well. He can fly fighter jets as well.

Considering his experience in flying, Madras Institute of Technology(MIT) has selected him as a supervisor for the students’ drone making project. If we speak of his exact designation it is Helicopter Test Pilot & UAB System Adviser. Ajith often visits Chennai flying club and flies the planes. He is one of the few actors in India who has a pilot license. He can operate remote control vehicles like drones. Ajith has really operated drones in the ‘Vivegam’ movie.

MIT students have taken up a project of making an advanced drone this year and Ajith is going to be part of this project. What is more interesting is that they will be paying honorary remuneration. Ajith is not taking this remuneration but giving back to the students. It is rare to see a star hero taking such a responsibility in an academic project. Ajith fans are thrilled to know about the information and they are proudly sharing it with others.