Akhil Clears The Air On That Rumour


Akhil-Clears-The-Air-On-ThaAkkineni family’s young scion Akhil is presently working on his second film.  The film unit has not announced the name of the heroine till now.  Keep this aside for a while and let us talk about a rumour regarding the Akhil’s first movie heroine.. Mega heroine Niharika was rumoured to be the heroine of Akhil’s debut film at that time.  But we all know that Sayesha Saigal acted as a heroine in the film.

Then why Niharika’s name was rumoured as a heroine ? Akhil has recently revealed the reason for it.  Akhil said that both of them have acted in a short film at that time.  The short film was made with a big team consisting of 120 members. The budget was also high. Do you know the director of this short film? Rajamouli’s son  S.S. Karthikeya.

As the scale of short film was huge, many people thought that they were acting together in a film.  Surprisingly the short film didn’t see the light till now. Akhil felt that they have not released the short film because they might have felt that they have not achieved the expected output.  That’s the story behind Akhil-Niharika combo rumour!