Akhil Committing Nitin’s Mistakes


Akhil-Committing-NitinUpcoming hero Akhil and already proven Nitin are good pals. As Nitin’s production venture “Akhil” is launching this debut hero, we could understand the proximity between them.

An interesting discussion is going on in film circles about Akhil, who has already got the star status much before the release. Talk is about his 12 crores remuneration and his second project. They say a top producer has already reserved Akhil’s dates, and our youngsters got a plenty of scripts on the table with some big directors in his hand.

What could we read from this happening? Akhil is committing the same mistake Nitin has done for almost 12 films that sank without a trace at box office. In case if Nitin is giving advises to his friend and brother-like hero, definitely he should ask Akhil to wait for the film’s release in order to commit for another movie.

Akhil should understand what people liked in him and what they didn’t. He should analyse reviews of critics, praises of fans and talk in film industry. Then he will understand his pluses and minuses, which only will help him become better actor and star. If he mints movies like a factory, then flops will welcome him in the route.