Akhil Confirmed For November 11th!


Ahkil-Nov-11While re-shoot of certain scenes and VFX works are still under progress, the makers of Akhil are planning to release on the film on 11th November so that the crucial Deepavali festival will not be missed.

The makers missed to bring the movie to the theatre for Dussera festival when Akhil Akkineni’s father Nagarjuna was not satisfied with the way some scenes of the movie were shot.

On the insistence of Nagarjuna, director Vinayak and producer Nithin had  agreed to re-shoot them and changed the release date.

Although November is not considered to be a suitable time for big movies, the makers want to cash in on the Deepavali festival mood. Tentatively November 11 has been fixed as the D-day for Akhil’s maiden movie as lead hero.

Akhil was extremely upset over the postponement of the movie but he is now gearing up to promote the film aggressively once again and tour all the towns and cities in Telugu states as well as Bangalore and Chennai.