Akhil Release Date Locked!


Akhil-Release-DateAkkineni Akhil debut film ‘Akhil’ release date is almost locked for November 11 as Diwali gift for Telugu movie lovers. The high budgeted socio fantasy flick shot on unimaginable scale for a debutant hero has become prestigious project for entire Tollywood. In fact, producers Nithin and Sudhakar Reddy contemplated ‘Akhil’ release strategy for Dasara but could not meet the deadline due to exhaustive post production VFX works.

After few re-edits, they are soon to have revised ‘Akhil’ version on hand and November 11 is the final date, says the production source. In order to give complete space for ‘Akhil’ to rock, producer Kona Venkat postponed ‘Sankrabharanam’ release date from November 11 to 19 or 20th. At the same time, there will be only one big film in meantime in the form of ‘Bengal Tiger’ from Raviteja, Tamanna and Sampat Nandi set to hit the screens on November 5th.

What’s more interesting to find is, how far ‘Akhil’ has got a quality output on hand to please Nagarjuna? Everyone knows that ‘Akhil’ is releasing on an overshot budget which is always a risky move on debutant hero. Let us see, what are those special surprises thrown in for all of us by ‘Akhil?’