Akhil Release Pushed To Next Year


Akhil-Movie-New-StillsIt is known that Producer Nithin, director V V Vinayak along with Nagarjuna had to face the ire of Akkineni fans, for postponing Akkineni Akhil’s debut film Akhil.  After promoting the film aggressively, makers of the film backed out of the Dusshera race as they are not satisfied with the output of CG work involved in the film.

The team held a press meet and requested little patience from fans. They promised to come up with a good release date as soon as possible and assured that Akhil will not disappoint them.

Apparently, no good news from the team is expected anytime soon as they are in talks to push the release date of the film further.

Since they have missed the festive season, producer and Nagarjuna are in plans to release the film only in the next festive season, though it takes locking horns with other biggies like Nannaku Prematho, Brahmotsavam and Dictator.

In fact, Akkineni fans and media predicted that Akhil would make way on the Diwali season but looking at the latest developments, it may not come out anytime soon.

Also, there is another version of reports doing rounds that, Akhil will hit screens in December, the chances are bleak as it is largely believed to be the off-season for films. Looks like, Akkineni fans will have to bear with the disappointments for some more days.

Meanwhile, do you think releasing Akhil in the Pongal race among huge biggies, a safe bet? Write your opinions to us in the comments box below.