Akhil, Samantha, A Caring Incident


Akkineni Naga Chaitanya .. Samantha are going get married in three more months.  They are going to put an end card to the long love story with a grand wedding and they are getting ready to start a new life.  Samantha is very expressive and she always comes up with some updates regarding their love story.  But Chay never reveals anything personal.. and he said that he is not that comfortable sharing personal things.

But when it comes to young hero Akhil, he is aggressive.  He never hides his affection towards his sister-in-law Samantha.. he has done it already in the social media.  In a recent incident his affection towards Sam once again revealed.   It is known that Akhil and Samantha are brand ambassadors of a shopping mall.   When they went for a inauguration ceremony of their new branch.. huge crowd mobbed them.  Akhil too very good care of his ‘vadina’ and took away from them.

Even though bouncers were present there to give them security, Akhil didn’t hesitate to cover Sam.  When everybody stopped Samantha.. Akhil held his vadina’s hand to take away from the crowd.  Majority of the people who were present there were shocked to see his affection towards Sam.