Akhil, The Fantasy And Heroism Kind


akhil-akkineni-maheshAll of a sudden, the way this debuting youngster is seen by the media and general movie lovers has changed. Akhil Akkineni, the new and happening kid on the block, is currently a trend. He’s the new craze. With directors like Ram Gopal Varma, giving him an explosive colouring after looking at some visuals of him from the movie, there is no way the hysteria around him could be stopped.

Except Ram Charan, no other debuting star kids like Mahesh (Rajakumarudu), Bunny (Gangotri) and even Balayya, Nagarjuna sometime back have got that explosive mass image with their first flick. They have all proved their cuteness and emotions and then ran after mass stuff. But it seems Akhil wants to start the game at 100 kmph, but not 0 kmph. Looking at the way he has stunned everyone with the first look posters of his debuting flick “Akhil”, we could come to this conclusion. Adding to that, the fantasy element in the posters as he holds a fireball is making him a hero of different kind with first film itself.

But due to this heavy expectations baggage around, there is no way he could escape criticism at the same time. We have to wait for his debut film to release, to get a perfect picture of Sisindri’s new image.