Akhil’s Fight With Tiger Worried Nagarjuna


Nagarjuna-and-Vinayak“Akhil” got postponed indefinitely and the new release date is yet to be announced. But this film is going through different talks when it comes about the possible reason for postponement.

One such reason is sub-standard visual effects and computer graphics, which both Nagarjuna and Nitin have confirmed about. Nagarjuna is actually unhappy over a fight sequence shot in forests of Africa, where Akhil fights with a tiger. As fighting with real tiger is impossible, they have to depend on computer graphics to generate the wild beast. As the graphics turned out sour for that sequence, Nagarjuna asked Vinayak and Co to work with ‘Baahubali’ visual effects team to get best ever output. Otherwise that scene looks cartoonish and will not have any appeal at all.

Hope the sequence turns out well, as Nagarjuna already gave a reminder to Vinayak to chop out the sequence incase if Graphics disappoints again.