Akhil’s Thinking Has Changed It Seems!


Akkineni Akhil wanted to announce his entry in a grand way and producers spent more than 40 crores on his first movie. It ended up as a disaster.

Even Nagarjuna who is known to be a shrewd businessman decided to let Akhil have his way and spent close to 30 crores on his Hello. The movie did not recover its costs.

So, now Akhil decided to go for a medium budget film as his third with 15 to 22 crores budget it seems. His Mr. Majnu is releasing in January, 2019.

The movie is directed by Venky Atluri who gave a hit to Varun Tej with Tholiprema. He has decided to go for such medium budget films until another three or four films, when big directors get confidence on his market and big producers will look gamble big money on him.

So, he decided to create a market as an individual first before playing big gambles as Akkineni brand value is low with market these days. None of the heroes have been able to deliver huge blockbusters and Naga Chaitanya is still batting with one good innings followed by one poor.

Like Akhil, even Bellamkonda Srinivas decided to reduce the budgets to 20’s it seems. He has been betting huge around 40 to 50 crores each film. And they have been disasters too. So, he took this decision for time being. Looks like both big family star kids, have decided to let the market value them rather than themselves trying to aim too big.

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