Akkineni Akhil’s remuneration for his second movie!


Akhil-heavy-dietingAkkineni Akhil’s debut movie is ready for release soon and he shocked all with his remuneration for his second movie.

Akkineni Akhil is no way a small hero. From the beginning of his launching film, he planned everything perfectly with the help of Nithin and his father, Nagarjuna. With “Akhil” releasing in two weeks, people who saw the rushes are in pouring praises on Akhil.

After watching the rushes, few industry people are quite sure that Akhil has a great appeal to mass and class audience equally. Speaking of Akhil’s dance they felt that Allu Arjun, NTR and Ram Charan has a good completion from this 21-year-old dynamite.

Akhil’s presence on the screen in unbelievable, Vinayak took a good subject to launch Akhil, said people who were close to the team.

Hearing this entire talk, a producer approached Akhil and offered 12 cr for his next film. With this, Akhil proved that he is a competitor to top heroes not only in the budget and market but also in remuneration.