An album for women empowerment


Maalavika Sundar of the ‘Indian idol’ reality show fame who turned a playback singer has come out with a music album Yen Pennae on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The number talks about how women are exploited, degraded, violated and discriminated both in our homes and in the outside world. Composer Kumar Narayanan, known in the private album circuit for his thematic collections, has been instrumental in bringing Maalavika to sing the song. “It’s a soulful song which has hard-hitting lyrics like ‘Maarbu Varai Paarkiran, Manam parkkavillai’ (he looks at women’s breasts, and doesn’t see her heart which is beyond that) by Dharan. I wanted a voice, which is subtle yet arresting. Maalavika was our first choice,” justifies Kumar.