Ali reveals unknown facts about Pawan Kalyan @ ETV 20 years celebrations


Comedian Ali has revealed some unknown facts about Power star Pawan Kalyan at ETV 20 years celebrations event. While addressing the audiences, Ali revealed his experience with Pawan Kalyan.

He said that, one day, he went to Pawan Kalyan’s home and he was surprised to see Pawan in dirty clothes. When questioned about the same, Pawan Kalyan said that he brought a tractor and worked hard in his farmhouse.

Ali also said that he is a role-model for many farmers as Pawan Kalyan used to ripe the fruits on his own. Sources say that We can see Mega star Chiranjeevi and Power star Pawan Kalyan on one stage at ETV 20 years celebrations event.

Speaking at ETV 20 years celebrations event, Pawan Kalyan discussed about Chiranjeevi and he thanked him for his support. It is heard that the award program will be telecasted on small screen on August 22nd on the eve of Chiranjeevi’s birthday.

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