Ali Wants To Lift Rashi Khanna Gown!


Ali-Wants-To-Lift-RashiStar comedian Ali’s double entendres are known for creating nuisances among the family audience but when there are victims who seem to take every filthy line from Ali in lighter perspective, he will go unstoppable. We have witnessed many like heroine Samanta, anchor Suma etc excusing Ali before media began to blow his indecency out of proportions. There was a similar situation at CineMAA Awards 2015 event when Ali began to make fun of Rashi Khanna.

When there is magnanimous presence of top Telugu celebrities for program with heroines giving their scintillating stage dance shows, Rashi Khanna became the cynosure of all eyes with her long gown. When there is a chance to comment, Ali cannot leave it without taking the advantage. So, his terrific comments grabbed the attention as audience in-front of TV sets and celebrities sitting in front rows enjoyed it to core.

‘Rashi Khanna when you attend this sort of functions next time, please hire my services so that I can hold and lift your long gown helping you to walk properly. Your 1 Km elongated gown is sweeping the entire floor encouraging us for ‘Swachh Bharath.’ Still, I liked your dress sense,’ Ali asserted his intention about Rashi Khanna’s bottom gown. Well, Rashi Khanna took some time to interpret Ali’s hidden comic sense but it was too late. Ali is a Master of double meaning dialogues, so he went for next attack.