Ali`s image.. damage


ali_comedianAli has a special record as a Hero. He has done many movies continuously after Yamaleela. But only one or two among them waved the market. Even then, some Producers have occasionally become ready to produce movies with Ali.

However … a movie by the name “Ali Baba Okkade Donga” was released in the market on Friday. This is Ali’s 50th film as the Hero. The audience minds were just blocked, who entered the theatres with lots of hope as the movie being Ali’s half-century movie. The film unit made the audience screams like anything. The story with lot of confusion, with no head and tail really troubled the audience.

Ali really entertained the audience as a Comedian, but he is out of sight as a Hero. After watching the movie, the audience remarked that Ali should refrain from acting as a Hero in the films. As a Hero, Ali Baba’s image was totally damaged. Its better, if he focuses on Comedy roles only ….!