Ali’s Two Special Films & Father’s Golden Words


Comedian-AliComedian Ali graced the grand finale of Akila Bharata Kabaddi Cmpetition held at Nuzveedu on Saturday. On this occasion, He interacted with media persons for few minutes.

In a career spanning 35 years, Ali has acted in countless films and still continues to be one of the most sought after comedian. Ask his pick up his best film? This is how he reacts: ‘Yamaleela’ the project marking his debut as Hero & Rajendrudu-Gajendrudu which helped him become a household name with ‘endha cheta..’ are the two special films of my career.

Ali sends the message anyone who works hard in the field they chose will reach greater heights. For the film ‘Seethakoka Chiluka’, Ali was paid Rs 2,500 as Remuneration. He felt even more happy when the award he received for the film fetched him Rs 5,000 more.

The Golden Words of his Father Ali always remembers – ‘Samajam Lo Evarini Dooram Chesukovaddu’.

The Star Comedian claims he has been doing charitable work since 9 years on behalf of Mohammad Basha Charitable Trust. Offering financial help to widowers, elderly women and tailors should be appreciated. He even set up a water-plant in Rajahmundry with the intention to offer drinking water to people free of cost.

On the new laws of Censor, Ali commented only Devotional programmes can been run on Television if they are implemented. He also spoke about the high competition between channels for TRPs.