All Are Safe Except Nandamuri Hero


kalyan-ram-and-ravitejaKick 2, hasn’t give full kick. Neither audiences got one, nor the makers including hero, director and producer got one. Some errors in decision making, some mistakes in picking content and other issues have plagued the film’s success at box office.

But before we talk about the film’s fate more, hero Raviteja has started the blame game by calling that Surender Reddy’s decision to include huge length in second half has costed him dear. That doesn’t go well with the whole team, as everyone is upset for some different reason or the other. Including Raviteja’s decision to cut down weight and go extreme thin for the film is also being nailed at the moment.

Whatever it maybe, the ultimate loser will be producer Kalyan Ram only. Because both Raviteja and Surender Reddy have got busy in next projects, and maybe they would have lost 30% of their pay. For Rakul Preet there is no gain, but no loss too. But what about Kalyan Ram’s investment, both time and money? It seems like every one is safe except Kalyan Ram.