All Set For ‘Bharat’ To Show His Power


Bharat Ane Nenu is the new film of Mahesh Babu, that is scheduled for a release on 20th April.

The actor and his team have been trying to promote the movie in such a way that many would love to watch it in the first week.

At a time, when political corruption is a huge topic, a political subject from a star like Mahesh Babu is huge. Even though it is a risk, if it pays off will be the biggest hit for sure.

Still, Mahesh and Bharat team had a big competition in Kaala, Rajnikanth’s mass gangster movie, scheduled for 27th April release.

The movie has been postponed and Vishnu’s Achari America Yatra is coming on the date. If Mahesh and Koratala Siva film manages to get positive buzz post release, with this postponement sky is the limit in Telugu states as they have open ground of two weeks.

Mahesh needs a big success after two back to back big duds. So, the moment of planets to be in his favour at this point at least.