Allu Aravind’s Fears Come True


After Aarya, Allu Arjun never risked signing a project with a new director. Finally, he had made a brave move by signing writer Vakkantham Vamsi’s directorial debut film ‘Naa Peru Surya’.

While Vamsi has immense experience as a writer, he was a total novice in the field of direction. This made Allu Aravind wary and he had advised Bunny to shoot a few test videos to understand Vamsi’s directorial skills. However, Bunny assured his dad and told him that he has complete confidence in Vamsi and even gave his director a free hand.

Naa Peru Surya released on Friday and the first thing everyone noticed was Vamsi’s inexperience handling of the proceedings. Even though the look of the film had a stylish appeal, Vamsi failed in maintaining the mood and tempo throughout. He only concentrated on projecting Bunny’s character and ignored the rest.

In the process, rest of the characters had a lackluster impact and the emotional conflict had fizzled out completely. Critics panned the movie for its one-dimensional appeal. The only saving grace was Bunny’s power-packed performance. However, it was Allu Aravind’s fears that came true in the end,